Father Heart Missions


Your gifts are fully taxdeductible when directed through our mission board, IAM. Thank you for your part in reaching the people of Latin America. You may contribute either online or by mail.


1. ) To make a one time or recurring donation via PayPal, click below.

2.) To send a donation by mail, write a check payable to International Accelerated Missions, and mail to:

International Accelerated Missions
114 Rock Rd.
Berne, NY 12023

(Please make sure that our name, Brad & Ruth Brown, is in the envelope, but do not write in the memo section of the check.)


3.) To make a one time or recurring donation by credit card:

Go to the IAM website, www.iamoutreach.org/Missionaries.htm, and click the green Donate button; then click on Support a Missionary, then Brown, Bradley and Ruth, then Continue.  For information or help, call the IAM office during business hours at (518) 872-0987.

To give to a specific cause (for example, the new Youth Center or the Send a Child to School program):
Simply include a note with your gift, stating your desire.  If you give through our website, click on the Contact Us link to send us the note. See below for more information on specific causes.


Targeted Giving

Father Heart Missions welcomes gifts intended for use by a specific ministry or program. We offer the following information for your consideration and prayer as you plan such a gift.

Youth Center: The NEW YOUTH CENTER  is helping us reach more kids, youth, and even adults for the Lord. It is a wholesome place for them to hang out, and it keeps them off the streets. But, this new blessing comes with added costs. Please consider helping us, and also, spread the word to others who are not yet partners with us.

We have been renting the youth center building for seven years. Now it is for sale, and we want to purchase it, so we can have a more permanent presence there. The cost is $45,000, and we already have $10,400 of it. Any amount toward the remaining $34,600 would be greatly appreciated.

Weekly (formal) program provides about 100 children with a nutritious, balance meal every Saturday.
Daily (informal) program feeds up to 30 of the neediest children a snack or meal daily as we are able.

Your one time gift of $300 will cover all of the above needs of the program for a full month (an average of $0.30/meal).

Your monthly recurring gift of $30 will directly sponsor twelve of these hungry children.


Many in Pancasán lack the basics for health, nutrition, and hygiene. Donations targeted to Mercy Missions help provide poor children with:
  • toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap
  • essential medicine such as pain killers, antibiotic ointments, lice shampoo
  • used clothing
  • dental or doctor visits
 Cost: Any amount - large or small, one-time or recurring, will help this ministry.

Even $1 from a child's allowance is a blessing to these people! 

By way of the body, we touch the Soul. 

NOTE: We ask that you please contact us first, before donating items. Shipping and import tax often make this type of donation cost-prohibitive.

Some children are too poor to buy school supplies and therefore cannot attend. Others have to work.
You can sponsor a child for the coming year, with a Scholarship that covers government-required uniforms, school supplies, and matriculation fees.

Cost: $75 per child for one year. The Nicaraguan school year is January through December.

In return, we send you a photo and a letter from the child you are sponsoring.

If you gave last year, please let us know if you want to participate in the sponsorship program again this year.

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